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From John Ram's Lifetime Deal to LPGA Showdowns - A Big Month in the World of Golf

Photo Credit: ESPN

What a month it has been! We witnessed the usual fracas between the PGA Tour and various players shifting from one to another. Notably, John Ram, last year's Player of the Year, has inked a monumental transfer deal, rumoured to be around 300 million – though confirmation from others is still pending. This colossal deal spans a lifetime, resembling contracts seen in American sports.

Accompanying Ram to Rohan is his own team, thanks to some shrewd negotiations. An additional team with two other players is in the works, signalling a shift to a 54-hole format. The big question lingers – is this live venture viable, or will it fizzle out? Despite initial scepticism, the PGA Tour is making a comeback with a new investment fund (referred to as "x"), fully immersed in its financial embrace. Reports hint at various benefits for players, with those holding or having held a tour card likely to receive equity in this new venture.

The complexity deepens as we ponder the fate of past players who contributed to building the tour. Do they stand to benefit, and how will this intricate puzzle unfold in the coming weeks? The conversation also veers towards the PGA Tour's joint venture with PIF  – is it still alive, or will the new partnership from the investment fund redefine the tour's identity?

Shifting focus to the LPGA tour, the year's early events delivered a remarkable and exciting finish. Lydia Ko and Nelly Korda battled it out, with Lydia securing a lead through brilliant Birdies and an Eagle on the 17th. However, a drop shot allowed Nelly Korda to force a playoff, culminating in a spectacular event with riveting TV coverage.

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