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Passionate About Player Development

The academy’s philosophy is simple: my goal is to teach people the fundamentals of golf while creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. I cater to those who simply want to play recreationally, while also providing support and technical coaching to those who want to progress to a professional stage.

I started as a player with dreams of the tour player and winning majors. After a short playing career, I found a passion for coaching, following stints in most areas of the golf industry, including holding a director of golf position at one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the UK.


I have completed a post-graduate diploma in sports coaching at The University of Birmingham, and I’m currently turning that into an MSc.

I have been coaching at my academy based at the Kirtlington Golf Club for over 15 years and also at my Indoor Golf Studio at Bicester Business Park, where I use all the latest technology available for coaching.


I am committed to providing ongoing golf coaching support to players, not just a quick fix but a more holistic approach with integrity. ATG is a trustworthy brand committed to offering tools and support to all players, from recreational players to those who are focused on improving techniques and playing golf at a professional level. At the academy, we use all of the modern tools available for coaching, including launch monitors and 3D coaching system.


I love to help my students achieve their goals, and I specialise in player progression with a particular area of expertise in young people’s long-term development. I believe that all young people have talent within, and I can help them nurture it by creating the environment and relationships that allow them to enjoy the game and flourish.


With this idea in mind, I have started the Tot to Tour coaching philosophy to help young people interested in golf with a long-term development program to give them all the tools to compete at any level and inspire them to become the golfers of the future. 

When I'm not out on the golf course, I love to spend quality time with my family and I regularly exercise, I enjoy biking, swimming and running. I took part in the UK's second-largest Triathlon, Blenheim, which takes place on the doorstep of the academy. After coaching golf to the son of the best saxophonist in the country, I learnt to play the saxophone with his tutelage and I continue to learn and enjoy the occasional open mike performance. 

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