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Whether you are a beginner just getting started with golf or a seasoned player looking to advance your game, we can work together to reach all your goals across all areas of the game. 

I utilise the latest technologies and tools to monitor your progress, and offer personalised in-person sessions, both at Kirtlington Golf Club and at my Indoor Studio in Bicester, as well as online live sessions and video courses. This ensures that you receive a tailored golf experience that fully meets your needs and enables you to reach your full potential.


Adult Coaching Sessions are held at Kirtlington Golf Club. Each session is tailored on your needs and golf goals. Choose from a standard 30-minute session, an intensive 45-minute lesson or a presige 60-minute session. 




Individual standard 30-minute session, benefit from a high level of technical detail and attention.





One-on-one intensive 45-minute session. Personalised training situation tailored to your golf goals.





Individual prestige 60-minute session. Highly personalised training session according to your ultimate golf goals.


recreational players

I tailor my sessions based on each player's skill level and introduce new techniques so you can enjoy your time out on the golf course even more

Whether you prefer to have a dedicated session for yourself or you prefer to enjoy the game while socialising with fellow golf lovers, I offer individual and group sessions at Kirtlington Golf Club.

I also offer development programs for recreational players. I have used long-term coaching principles in the development of golf players I work with, getting fantastic results. It is proven that the most effective way to improve is with a consistent process of Plan, Do and Review, so we can apply this to your game and have more fun!


I provide all the coaching and tools to players at any level to develop their skills, gradually introduce more advanced techniques and tailor the coaching based on each player’s strength and personal goals. At Andy Taylor Golf Academy we lead the way to our players to advance to elite tournaments by also providing them with the latest technology tools available for golfers, including support launch monitor, 3D software, 4D motion and Visio putting aids.


By combining the latest technology with my coaching, we can produce advanced results by analysing data and building a individual plan.

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"If you can't measure it you can't improve it!" 

                            (P Drucker)

With the use of the FlightScope launch monitor, your golf shot data can be measured and improved, whether it's more accuracy or distance that is required. 

The FlightScope monitor enables you to play on selected International courses at my brand-new Indoor Golf Studio - open all year round in all weathers.


Putting is an often neglected part
of the game!
With our philosophy of measure and improve, we use a Blast Motion device to help gather data and improve the relevant area, to hole more putts.


Trackman launch monitor provides you with all the tool to step up your golf game even when you can't be outside on the golf course. 
 Receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing is so important to advance in the game and work on improving your technique.

Learn more about coaching sessions at my INDOOR STUDIO in Bicester. 

I also offer live REMOTE COACHING SESSIONS so we can work together no matter where you are in the world. 

Recreational Players
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