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simulator golf days

At ATG we can give your teams and clients a memorable and enjoyable day that will help improve relationships, build teams, and increase wellbeing, without even having to leave your office.  Our simulator golf days will captivate the attention of first-time players, as well as more experienced long term golfers, and we can tailor each event to best suit you and your team.


Hiring a golf simulator in your office is a great way to keep costs low and reduce time wasted travelling to and from venues. It is also a safer way to continue to run events even during these uncertain times, as you can keep within existing bubbles if necessary.


At ATG we understand the importance of making events stress free and enjoyable for all and so we have designed the packages below as a starting point. However, we also regularly work with clients to create bespoke events, so please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we can advise on how best to achieve maximum results.


The simulators ATG uses are some of the best in the market, and the combination of the hardware/ equipment, and software used, creates an immersive experience for all golfing abilities.

Both simulators use a combination of radar and camera data tracking to accurately measure your golf shots and either or both can be easily set up at your office.


The Trackman simulator offers an immersive experience, and measures essential data like club and ball parameters to pinpoint accuracy.

The system comprises an impact screen, mats, nets and simulator and enables you to feel like you are playing an actual hole of golf, or indeed a full golf course of your choice.

Video Credits: TrackMan


The FlightScope monitor enables you to play on selected International golf courses.

FlightScope measures ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball's flight path. It measures what the ball is actually doing, and is much more accurate than a camera or light beam methods which take only single launch data point and estimate what the ball will do.

Video Credits: FlightScope




Hire the Simulator only.


  • Simulator delivery and set up

  • 30 minutes guiding session on how best to use it

  • Full day hire

  • Certificates for each attendee

  • Simulator disassemble and collection

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