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Joining the academy means that you will have more tailored and advanced coaching options available. The aim is to teach children of any ability, guiding them to progress to any level that they choose.


Recreational players are just as welcome as players hoping to become elite.  

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Over the last ten years, Andy Taylor Golf Academy has been building up a fabulous golf program aiming to inspire and educate the younger generation.

Starting with the idea that every child has natural talent within, Andy developed the Tot to Tour coaching philosophy to help every young player approach golf and develop a love for the game by creating an environment in which they can learn technique and enjoy golf, all while having fun and socialising with their peers.


With his experience, Andy is able to nurture their talents and help them in developing a true passion for golf by introducing all techniques necessary that will allow them to become the professional golfers of the future. 

Andy’s goal is to establish relationships with the pupils and create an environment that will allow them to flourish while building self-esteem, benefit from social interactions with other young players and have fun playing golf. 





Group coaching sessions take place every Saturday. They run for 6 – 10 children at a time, aged 5+ and have a fairly flexible structure. The academy is small which means it can be personalised in its method of teaching. Andy understands that children require a more tailored approach and he is able to cater to individual needs. 


The sessions take place in a group format for a number of reasons. In this learning environment, children are able to benefit from the social aspect of interacting with their peers. It is key that the children enjoy the coaching sessions as this makes it easier for them to learn. Being around other students also helps to build their self-esteem, by encouraging each other and learning from one another. It may take a while for children to learn the skills, but it shouldn’t take long for them to start enjoying their sessions.


These group coaching sessions are for any child that wants to learn to play golf. This could be purely for recreation so that they can enjoy playing a game with their parents or friends. The sessions can also provide the perfect environment for a child that wants to take the sport further, in the form of competitions and matches. This blended environment means that children are able to learn the technical skills without the pressure of needing to play to a high level unless they choose to.


It is important that all children feel comfortable in their learning environment and girls only group sessions take place within the academy. Girls can benefit from the social side of mixing with their peers, while also being encouraged into the sport in a considered way. 



For those who have been progressing well during their group sessions and would like to take their coaching further, the academy offers individual coaching sessions. These dovetail well with the group sessions and could be done in conjunction. The individual sessions are much more in-depth technically, where the focus can be entirely on developing the individual child’s skill. 


As students build on their technique and ability, Andy introduces further elements to their training. This includes further fitness development through strength & conditioning programmes and physiotherapy sessions. Children can gain an understanding of physiology and psychology, learning how the body and mind work together in the context of sport.


The academy also uses technology to analyses performance and technique. 3D coaching tools such as Trackman and 4D Motion use video and body sensors to monitor drive, chipping and putting. While this might not be suitable for every student, it is used as a key part of an elite golfer’s development and can help to enhance their performance.

further development


The journey to elite player is one a long-term development but students are encouraged at each level. 


It is recommended that children participate in other sports outside the golf academy, as this rounded activity is extremely beneficial for student fitness, physical development and coordination, and personal awareness. 


Specific guidance is offered for those that want to enter Junior, national or even international competitions. The academy further supports those children that want to be elite players by assisting in finding related colleges.


Remote coaching is also offered via CoachNow and Skillest.

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